Shoulder Holster Guide [Everything You Should Know About Shoulder Holsters]

With so many types of holsters available, gun owners must choose the one that fits them correctly and is most comfortable for them to carry and conceal their weapons safely. There are several reasons to use a shoulder holster. We will explore the shoulder holster and some of the advantages of carrying your firearm with a shoulder holster.

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I started out wearing an inside waistband holster when I began carrying my weapon and have since changed to a combination of belt holsters and in some instances a shoulder holster. I have some tips for wearing a shoulder holster safely and comfortably.

What Is a Shoulder Holster?

A shoulder holster secures a firearm with straps over one or both of your shoulders. A shoulder holster is adjustable and hangs around your shoulders. While wearing this type of holster your firearm is located under your armpits on either side depending on your draw preference and whether you are right or left-handed.

These types of holsters are popular for many reasons including easy access in almost any situation. Concealment of these holsters does not require any special clothing so very little preparation is required before putting on your firearm and going out the door.

This type of holster allows you to let your gun hang from your shoulder but it also keeps it tight and secure to your body. Having a firearm moving about is not only uncomfortable but also can be a safety hazard.

Pros and Cons of Shoulder Holsters

You have several advantages by wearing a shoulder holster but there are two key advantages we would like to discuss. One of the most important aspects of a shoulder holster is the ability to get access to your firearm quickly and easily. It is pointless to carry a firearm if you have to fumble around to access it.

Sometimes having a holster on your hip or inside your waistband is inaccessible in certain situations like while you in your car. Another advantage while using shoulder holsters is the ability to keep your firearm discreetly hidden.

When you wear a firearm on your hip is much harder to hide the footprint, however with a shoulder holster there’s a very little footprint to worry about because of the angle and location of the holster. It can easily be hidden by just wearing a jacket to effectively hide it.

How To Put On a Shoulder Holster.

One reason people choose not to wear a shoulder holster is their worry about how to put on a shoulder holster. Wearing a shoulder holster should be just as comfortable as any other holster.

The first step in wearing a shoulder holster is fitting the holster by slipping your arms through it like you would on a backpack. Make sure the straps cross in the middle of your shoulders to keep the holster balanced and distributed between your shoulders.

The next step is to adjust your rig straps to position them as close to your body as you can without it being too tight. You don’t want your holster shifting around or your firearm not staying in position. You want to move the holster near your armpit and adjust the angle so that you can comfortably draw your firearm.

The next step is to place your gun and magazine into the holster and test the position. If you are comfortable and it sits tight to the body you have it in the correct position.

How To Conceal a Shoulder Holster.

One of the most common questions people ask with shoulder holsters is how to conceal a shoulder holster. Concealing your holster is just as important as the adjustment of the holster. Purchasing a shoulder holster that fits your firearm well and is comfortable are important requirements.

The most popular method of concealment is the use of a loose-fitting jacket. While wearing a jacket it is best to leave it unzipped. You do not want to fumble with a zipper in an emergency.

The final and most important step of concealing your shoulder holster is attempting to practice drawing your gun. Make any necessary adjustments after you practice drawing and you are ready to go.

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Author: Andy Bredenkamp

Andy is the founder of Master The Target, where he gets to live out his passion about responsible firearms use. His mission is to guide gun enthusiasts in picking the best gear and ensuring their safety with each use.