Guns Per Capita Czech Republic

The gun to person ratio in the Czech Republic is 12.5 guns per 100 persons. Thus, there is 1 gun for every 8 persons. Gun ownership in the Czech Republic presents a unique case within the European context. The country has relatively permissive gun laws compared to its European neighbors, striking a balance between the … Read more

The Gun To Person Ratio In America

The gun to person ratio in the US is 120.5 guns per 100 people. That means for every man, woman and child there are 1.2 guns – thus there are more guns in the US than people. Guns and owning of guns are often closely associated with American culture. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution … Read more

New York City Crime Statistics: Separating Fact From Fiction

Crime statistic in New York City have become something of a hot button political issue. Instead of a factual representation of the numbers and an analysis of the effect of current policies or socioeconomic conditions, the numbers are skewed to present whatever narrative the author wishes to portray. If you know anything about us, then … Read more