How To Store Ammo Safely and Securely

Ammunition is becoming increasingly expensive. It’s more important than ever that we take steps to ensure we don’t lose any of our ammo through poor maintenance or storage practices. I keep 1,000 rounds of each type of ammunition my firearms require, just in case, and I also make it a point to ensure that it … Read more

What Is Boat Tail Ammo?And When Should You Use It? The Full Guide!

Rifle bullets have traditionally been constructed with a flat, or untapered, base. Over the years bullet design has evolved in an attempt to make the projectiles more efficient. Rifle bullets are now designed with numerous variations in shape, size and construction to make it more proficient for its intended purpose. On such innovation is the … Read more

Comparing Steel vs Brass Ammo [Which Is Better?]

When you walk into your local gun store, you will probably have a choice of steel cased ammunition or brass cased ammunition. But which is better – steel vs brass ammo? Many people immediately say that brass cased ammo is much better than steel cased ammo, and they will have valid arguments of why brass … Read more

How Often Should You Clean Your Gun?

This is a question I hear quite often. The answer isn’t the same for every shooter or every gun. It’s important to know the reasons for cleaning your gun and what can happen if you don’t. Understanding these may help you determine when and how often cleaning is necessary. However, there are some basic guidelines … Read more