Welcome to Master The Target! My name is Andy Bredenkamp, and I own and run this website.

One of my earliest memories is my grandfather cleaning his old 303 rifle that was used in World War 2! I can still smell the distinct smell of the gun oil, and see the wood of stock gleaming in the sun as he polishing the treasured heirloom.

When I was a little older, my dad took me to the local gun range to fire his 9mm pistol. I was amazed how relaxing it could be to completely focus on a target, control your breathing, and gently squeeze the trigger until the shot fired. The exhilaration of the bullet leaving the gun and hitting the target right where it is supposed to is something that is difficult to describe. Ever since, I have been fascinated with that feeling of firing a weapon at a target with precision.

So to tell you a bit more about me and my site, I listed some typical questions I get.

Why Did You Start This Site?

I am a frugal guy. In today’s world, there is nothing more infuriating to me than spending my hard earned money on something, and it turning out to be utter rubbish. When I invest in gear, I want value for my money. That is why I decided to start this website – I want to find the best gear that gives maximum value for money.

Why Is Your Name So Weird?

My forefathers were from German descent. As such, I have the weird-sounding surname.

What Social Plaforms Are You On?

I am not on many platforms just yet, but you can find my on Facebook so long. Just click the icon belo!